We Salute Our Veterans-Honoring Hanover’s Citizen Soldiers

Two events at Mount Olivet Cemetery honoring our veterans are coming up – ‘We Salute Our Veterans’ on Sunday, November 6th and¬†Wreaths Across America on Saturday, December 17th beginning at 11:50 AM.

Mexican-American War 1846-1848

This war, in a nutshell, was a dispute between Mexico and the U.S. what is known today as Texas obtained its independence from Mexico about 1836. The U.S. declined to accept Texas into the Union due to northern political interests against the addition of a new slave state. There were border raids and the potential of war by the Mexican government. By 1845, Texas became annexed. (www.historychannel.com)

On April 26, 1946 the Mexican cavalry attacked U.S. soldiers, killing about 12.

Hanover men who fought during the Mexican-American War were Jacob Henry Bair and John S. Wise.

The Spanish-American War 1898-1902

America went to war against Spain to free Cuba from Spanish domination. A conflict between Spain and the U.S. resulted from the explosion of the USS Maine that sat in the Havana harbor. American aquisition of Spain’s Pacific possessions let to involvement in the Philipine Revolution and ultimately the Philipine-American War.

According to www.amhistory.si.edu website there were about 306,760 troops involved in this war and 2,446 deaths.

Hanover men who fought during this war were Wilbert G. Buohl, Charles Hamme, Alexander George Hay, Jesse E. Pentz, Maurice N. Trone, Horace Robinson, and Jacob H. Sell.

The American Indian Wars

Over the course of time there were multiple armed conflicts between European governments and colonists, and later American settlers or U.S. government and the native peoples of North America. These conflicts happened from the time of the earliest colonial settlements until 1924.

According to http://www.wikipedia.org the Indian Wars under the U.S. government totaled more than 40. They cost the lives of about 19,000 white men, women, children, including those killed in individual combats and the lives of about 30,000 Indians.100_6008

Men from, or associated with, the Hanover area who served included Dr. Moses Cooper, who married a lady from Hanover, and Charles Henry Sullivan. Dr. Cooper was not a soldier, but served as Lt. Asst. Surgeon for the U.S. Army.

There is so much written about each of the above wars or conflicts to put into one blog. What is important to remember is that no matter what time in American history, nor the battle, Hanover citizens supported their country, sacrificing their lives and time away from their families.