We Salute Our Veterans – Continuing the Love and Honor

The American Revolutionary War ended over 200 years ago, yet two groups, the Daughters of the American Revolution, and the Sons of the American Revolution, continue to honor those who fought for the freedom we have today.

Taken from the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution 50th Anniversary Yearbook:

“The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution was founded October 11, 1890 for historic, educational, and patriotic service: (1) to perpetuate the memory and spirit of the men and women who achieved American Independence; (2) to carry out the injunction of Washington in his farewell address to the American people; (3) to cherish, maintain and extend the institutions of American freedom, to foster true patriotism and love of country, and to aid in securing for mankind all the blessings of liberty.”

In 2017, Hanover’s Colonel Richard McCalister Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution will celebrate its 90-year anniversary.

Lucy Forney-Bittinger built and donated a beautiful chapel as a monument of to honor her ancestors and for future generations to use in memorializing their loved ones. The chapel features bronze tablets depicting several of the members of the Forney and Bittinger families who served during the American Revolutionary War. Built of local limestone and of wood from a family farm, the chapel represents the love, honor, and patriotic values of all men who served during the American Revolutionary War.

Join us in honoring our Veterans in two upcoming events.

“We Salute Our Veterans” Observance held at Mount Olivet Cemetery with the flag-salute-silhouetteGod Bless America Motor Cycle Color Guard  Sunday, November 6, 2016 beginning at 2:00 PM in the cemetery’s Garden of Honor.

Wreaths Across America emblemThe “Wreaths Across America,” will be held on Saturday, December 17, 2016 beginning at 11:50 AM at Mount Olivet Cemetery.



We Salute Our Veterans – American Revolutionary War

Mount Olivet Cemetery is rich in history. Would you believe that 1400+ men and women who served our country are buried here?

The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission published a booklet, Information Leaflet #5, stating that the American Revolutionary War ‘was an armed demonstration to protest the treatment being accorded by the British government.’  According to this leaflet, the duration of this war was 1775-1783, and Pennsylvania had men who rose to defend their country’s freedom.

Mount Olivet Cemetery is the final resting place for eight known veterans from the American Revolutionary War.

  • Col. Richard McAllister

    Shown above, the blue and red wool uniform coat is one example of military dress in the Pennsylvania State Museum’s collection, and which is attributed to Henry Felty of York County. Felty appears in the muster rolls of the 8th Battalion, 1st Company of the York County Militia in 1778 and is listed in the 7th Battalion, 2nd Company in 1779. (http://statemuseumpa.org/washingtons-army-buttons)
  • Henry Felty
  • Jacob Eichelberger, Sr.
  • Captain Casper Reineker
  • Henry DeWald
  • Christopher Slagle
  • Col. Henry Slagle
  • Johan Heinrich Welsch

Ninety years ago the Colonel Richard McCalister Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution was established. McCalister and his family were buried in Emanuel Church Cemetery in Hanover, and later reinterred to Mount Olivet Cemetery.

These facts and more are yet to be discovered at Mount Olivet Cemetery.

Come on out to help us celebrate our veterans on Sunday, November 6, 2016 at 2:oo PM at the Garden of Honor at Mount Olivet Cemetery, 725 Baltimore Street, Hanover, PA.