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Typically I would be writing about veterans who are buried at Mount Olivet Cemetery, or offlag-salute-silhouette an event that is about to occur. Today, I want to share a brief story that I found in the obituary section of the York Daily Record newspaper.

A project that I work on for the York County History Center in Pennsylvania is developing a database of World War II veterans who are buried in or are from York County, Pennsylvania. This project is rewarding and sometimes sad. One of today’s obituaries that I clipped caught my attention, and I want to share it with you.

It was spring and graduation for a York area high school had just ended. Two days after graduating, several young male graduates decided that they would join the Merchant Marines. One of these men was Harold Fink.

As a mother of several boys, I do not know how I would have reacted. According to his obituary, young Harold was aboard ship off the coast of Japan when the atomic bomb was deployed. I cannot imagine this scene from the perspective of a young person.

His story ended well. He later enlisted in the U. S. Army Combat Engineers, later retiring as a Major. He married and probably lived a good life. I bet Harold had good stories to tell, too.

I often hear, and say myself, ‘why didn’t I take time to talk to my uncles and parents about their lives‘? If I had known Harold, what a story he probably had to tell!

The York County History Center is host to a program where veterans can tell their story and have it taped so that generations of people can listen to their experiences. If you are a veteran, or know of one, why not contact the York County History Center to learn more. And, do not overlook your local cemeteries. The cemeteries are filled with educational and inspiring memorials of veterans dating back many years.




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I have a personal connection to Mount Olivet Cemetery, and that started with this tombstone of Ida May Sherman. My research has gone beyond my ancestors to the discovery of the historic mysteries that lie within the cemetery.

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